Photo Gallery

CaP1110243tholics do not worship idols, but have a long tradition of using statues in our churches, because thousands of years ago, people were not able to read and write. The average person could not read and understand the stories in the bible for themselves, until the early 1900’s. Priests and scribes were the only people in the church who were educated enough to read and understand the bible. Therefore, the church used statues, paintings and stained glass windows to visually portray the stories in the bible and show what people from that time period may have looked like. The stained glass windows in a church often depicted the stories from Jesus’ life visually, so that everyone, including little children, could understand who Jesus was.

It isn’t much different today. We have photographs of our grandparents to remember them by, and share stories about who they were, with our children. Music and You Tube videos on the internet tell a story in a couple of minutes, mostly by using pictures and a few words too. People do not have time to read very much and the message needs to get across to the viewer as quickly, and to the point as possible. The images and sound bites on the evening news is also another example of the need to quickly portray a story in just a few seconds.

The gallery shows what a vibrant and live community we have in St Michael’s Church, Brecon.

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